Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daniel Brummel- Everything That He Touches Seems to Turn to Gold

Daniel Brummel is both an amazing song writer and skilled musician. He has been a personal favorite of mine for about eight years. You may know Daniel Brummel as the bass player and one of the song writers and vocalist of Ozma, the melodic rock band form Pasadena. A lesser known but also very great band was Monstro, with Ezra Buchla andLauren Steinberg. They has a great and unique style of indie folk. He currently is also involved in the bands Spain and Yellow Alex. He also teaches at the California College of Music( Daniel Brummel plays on a verity of instruments and plays a large verity of styles. Whether it is, power pop, melodic electronic music, folk, a classical styled composition or whatever, the songs seem to always come out brilliant, and often touching. Check out these songs from his Facebook. Enjoy :).


You probably already heard about this but Rivers Coumo from the band Weezer released the b-side "Getting Up and Leaving" before Pinkeron Deluxe even came out(Due November 2nd). Well here is a link for the song. If you like older era Weezer, I think that you like really like this song. Enjoy :)

Jeff Magnum/Neutral Milk Hotel Rarities!

Yep some of these songs from Jeff Magnum are hard to find. Some are bad quality, but If you like Neutral Milk Hotel the way I do, it's worth the digging through noise. I picked out a few of my favorite rare songs to share.

Chris Merrit Writes Impressive Piano Driven Rock

Like Ben Folds? Like Weezer? Like Elton John?Then you may like Chris Merrit. Not to confuse him with the opera singer, Chris was the lead man in the band Paperface. While Paperface had some nice high energy songs, in my opinion his best work came after. Over time he really improved his singing and song writing craft. A good example of this is "Virginia" a slow but moving song about dealing with the problems he caused after moving from Virgina to California. It is now one of my favorite songs. Take a listen, they may become some of your favorite too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jim Gurthie... Awesome

Well, having just posted some mp3's Human Highway, I thought that I might as well post some of Jim Gurthie's music. The band the unicorns caused me to discover Islands. The band Islands caused me to discover Human Highway. The band Human Highway caused me to discover Jim Gurthie. After listening, I was amazed. Jim had a much bigger part in Human Highway than I expected. I recently bought the album "Now more than ever", and it has instantly became a favorite. Clever and enjoyable lyrics. The song "Ain't Got No/I Got Life" and " You are Far- Do You Exist?" is 98.9% likely to put a smile on your face. The first has positive cheesy but good likable lyrics on life and the latter song has clever music matched with a warm ukulele sound. Download it now. Equally impressive is the music of these songs. I encourage you also to check out the song "something don't feel right", with it's warm vibe sounds you can't go wrong. Enjoy :)

The Human Highway Rocks

A wonderful collaboration of Jim Gurthie (solo artist Islands and Royal City) and Nicholas Thorburn(Islands, Th' Corn Gang, Unicorns, and Reefer). With a band name was inspired by a Neil Young album this band delivers a great balance of melody and simplicity. The album maintains a wonderful balance of creativity and an overall well blending sound. Fans of a wide range of music such a Neil Young, Weezer, The Everly Brothers, Islands and Royal City should enjoy this. These songs are from Jim Guthrie's website and are available here.
Enjoy :)

The Sound MP3

Get Lost MP3:

Moody Motor MP3